Faulty Ambulance Satnav Contributed to Boy's Death

By Gary Cutlack on at

Poor little Corey Seymore, aged nine, suffered heart failure after an asthma attack in his home. Delays in the arrival of the ambulance, which were blamed on a faulty satnav device, were one of the reasons he died.

The West Midlands Ambulance Service anticipated an arrival time of eight minutes for the emergency team, but due to issues with the vehicle's satnav it actually took around 24 minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the Seymore's house.

The boy's mother is reported to have asked: "How can highly trained medical professionals be so reliant on satnav? Could they not have used a map?"

Although a heart-breaking and grim case, you have to wonder how many extra lives have been saved in recent years through satnavs helping drivers get to the right place first time. If ambulance crews had maps, would it have made a difference? [The Register]

Image credit: Ambulance from Shutterstock