Finally, You Can Buy That Awesome Folding UK Plug We've All Been Waiting For

By Sam Gibbs on at

The electrical plug we have here in Britain is a bit of a beast. Yes it’s pretty safe, but does it have to be so freaking big? No it doesn’t, as proved by this concept design from back in 2009. Three years on, that concept has actually made it into the realms of reality and you can buy a version of it right now.

Called the Mu, it’s not just a simple plug; it’s actually a USB power adapter, which should be able to charge just about anything these days. It’s just 14mm thick when folded, which is an amazing 30 per cent of the size of a traditional plug, and reminds me of something Apple would produce.

It’ll set you back £25 plus postage, so it’s not for everyone, but as a first-rate piece of genuine made-in-Britain innovation it’s a marvel to behold. It's shipping on the 27th of February and I was so impressed I've already plonked down my pre-order.

We’re promised a proper power cord with a folding plug for replacing the everyday plug soon too, so this might be the start of something great from Made in Mind. I’ve long looked at the European and American plugs with lust for their sheer compactness – hopefully I won’t have to be green with envy for too much longer. [The Mu via BBC]