First Nikon D800 Test Film: So Far, So Good

By Michael Hession on at

Today, Nikon revealed its D800 DSLR, leaving photo and video nerds alike salivating for samples. Eager to show off the D800's video capabilities, Nikon left it to filmmaker Sandro Miller to create a film meant to make us drool. And so we have Joy Ride, which chronicles the journey of one man and his motorcycle... and not much else aside from a superfluously gross childbirth scene.

The piece is pretty, but these test films generally don't tell us very much about the performance of the camera. They are too controlled (check out the behind the scenes footage to the left) and produced with the sole intention of making things look as lush and juicy as possible. Nikon has so far failed to produce a DSLR that videographers covet as much as Canon's 5D Mark II. It'll still be some time until we see how the D800 measures up to further scrutiny. [Vimeo via NoFilmSchool]