Float Your iPad Next to Your Monitor With an Unsightly Tentacle

By Adrian Covert on at

I like the idea of an iPad as a second (or maybe third) screen, and an articulating arm that can position a tablet just so sounds great. But staring at Twelve South's new HoverBar, I feel like I'm staring at something that would be at home in a cubical at any sterile office building.

My distaste for the design aside, the HoverBar does look like it could be useful. Consisting of an arm that can bend in a virtually infinite number of positions and a clamp that can latch on to a variety of surfaces, including table tops and monitor stands. But you better have an actual need for this thing, because at £50, it may not be breaking the bank, but it's still a sizable chunk of change. And its not like you'll be showing the HoverBar off for its aesthetic value. [TwelveSouth]