Ford Sync Coming to Europe in the B-Max Dashboard

By Gary Cutlack on at

Who would've thought that car behemoth Ford would be at Mobile World Congress? But it was. Because it has the European launch of its Ford Sync in-car app and connectivity suite to talk about.

Ford Sync is basically a voice-activated computer system for your car, providing everything from music player controls to more advanced functionality live satnav features, reading out your SMS messages and an "Emergency Assistance" option that uses a connected mobile to ring for help, should you mount the central reservation at 2:45am.

While Ford hopes that over 3.5m vehicles will be able to access Ford Sync in Europe by the end of 2015, the US has already had access to Ford Sync for years. So if you're in the market for a new car and would like to know more there's stacks of news and videos about its various features up over on Giz US.

The tech-packed B-Max will go on sale later in 2012, with Ford Sync set to hit other Ford models shortly after. [Ford]