Frederic - The Resurrection of Music for iPhone and iPad: World Tour with Chopin, the Poet of the Piano

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Romantic composer Frederic Chopin is the star of this remarkable app, a hybrid of rhythm action and motion-comic, where the 18th century "poet of the piano" literally confronts modern music in all its guises. Tinkle the ivories on some of Chopin's most famous compositions, whilst also duelling against the physical embodiments of hip-hop, electronica and reggae.

We open in a cemetery in Paris, where Chopin has been mysteriously bought back to life. His task is to bring "real music" back to the world, and so embarks on a surreal journey across cities, countries and continents, beset by musical challengers at every turn. Among this rogues gallery are thinly-veiled analogues for Bob Marley, Jean Michel Jarre, Eminem and The Cranberries (remember them?).

The duelling takes a similar form to Guitar Hero, where players are prompted to tap the keyboard in time to the music, their performance determined by their accuracy. Chopin's music has been remixed into various modern styles, and if he plays well enough he can unleash a series of powerful attacks to overwhelm the musical impostors. Ironically, however, the mashup of classical music with these new genres is rather pleasing to the ear.

This isn't the first time Chopin has starred in a video game. That honour goes to Eternal Sonata, a Japanese RPG that takes place in the final, feverish hours of Chopin's life before he died from tuberculosis. Frederic is something of a spiritual sequel, and although the narrative is a bit clunky and overladen with cultural stereotypes, it vividly brings his music to life. The soundtrack is available to buy separately on iTunes.


Frederic - The Resurrection of Music is available now on the App Store iPhone (£1.49) | iPad (£1.49)