Free BBM Music Trial Extended by Six Months

By Gary Cutlack on at

A generous move to please is users, or a desperate attempt by RIM to convince someone, anyone, to bother using its oddly limited new music service?

Whatever the motives, new users who start listening to tunes via RIM's BBM Music service during the month of February now get a whopping great six months of free access to the "social music service," which has been built around the concept of BB users linking together to each share 50 of their favourite tracks and build huge, communal music libraries.

You can use BBM Music for free once the trial's over using the Basic subscription offer, but that only lets you listen to 30 samples of shared songs. So unless you have a really limited attention span, you'll be needing to pay the £4.99 monthly fee for access to the full thing. [BlackBerry Blog]