Fujitsu's Gunning For Europe With a New Range of Windows Phone and Android Smartphone and Tablets

By Sam Gibbs on at

Panasonic’s not the only Japanese electronics giant eyeing up the European phone market, as Fujitsu is set to launch a wide range of Windows Phone and Android smartphones and tablets in our waters at MWC next week.

The line-up will apparently be all high-end, with Fujitsu aiming to take on the likes of Samsung and Apple. It’s already got quite a large line-up of NFC and LTE-packing devices in Japan, claiming about one fifth of the market there. What’s a little unusual about Fujitsu’s current range, though, is the adoption of biometric security systems, which could mean we’ll end up with a slide to unlock that’s just a tad more secure using fingerprint-readers.

Japan’s always been known for having some really awesome phones that just don’t make it out of the country. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited by the thought of some of them making it to our shores, and with Panasonic and Fujitsu on the case, we might get something really special – let’s just hope they don’t Europeanise them too much. [FT]