Get 25GB of Dropbox For Free With a Tasty New HTC

By Sam Gibbs on at

HTC’s not only showing off new hardware in the form of the good looking One series, it’s also showing off its latest iteration of HTC Sense – arguably one of the most attractive Android skins around. Sense 4.0 brings with it not five, but a whole 25GB of awesome free cloud storage courtesy of the heavily integrated Dropbox.

OK, it's not quite as good as 50GB free from and unfortunately it’s not another ‘have oodles of storage free-for-life’ offer – this 25GB is limited to just two years; after two years you’re back to the basic free plan. But the 25GB is on top of what you’ve already got so it’s nothing to be sniffed at that’s for sure, and I don't know about you but Dropbox space is a lot more useful to be than is.

So, if you’re a Dropbox and you’re eyeing up a juicy new HTC One X, you’ll get a load of free cloud storage thrown in – who doesn’t love a bit of awesome free Dropbox space? [Android Advices]