Get Your Beatles Ringtones Now, Exclusively On iTunes

By Sam Gibbs on at

Are you a massive Beatles fan? Do you just have to have your phone spout out Hey Jude every time it rings? Well if you own an iPhone it’s your lucky day -- you can now waste all your money on every single track from 1, in ringtone form.

I mean, so what if you’ve been able to make your own ringtones for the iPhone for ages – Garageband even has an iTunes ringtone maker it built-in. Of course there are also a plethora of apps available via Google that’ll make ringtones for you if you don’t happen to have a Mac with Garageband.

Do yourself a favour and don’t plunk down money for this tripe. Make it yourself and donate the money you could have spent to charity; buy yourself a coffee, or put it towards something new and shiny. [iTunes via The Verge]

Image credit: WickedAwsome at Deviant Art