Minute-by-Minute Six Nations Rugby Analysis on Your Mobile

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're one of the rare few Gizmodo readers that occasionally takes a break from performing internet speed tests and checking for new OS updates to watch sport on TV, you may like this. The official RBS Six Nations Live Challenge app.

It's an interesting idea for an app. As well as your usual news and team stats, this one's designed to augment the TV coverage of matches, offering users a "live stream of data including a text commentary and description of events, graphical statistics and representation of every scrum, try, conversion, line-out, tackle, pass and defence beaten."

Meaning you get visual things to look at and poke during the boring bits when the action's stopped so a man can have the blood sponged off his face and torso. It's like watching the post-match analysis while the game's actually in progress.

The "action" within the app starts 40 minutes before the kick off of games, with a selection of trivia. [Android Market & iTunes via T3]