Ghent Light Festival Creates a Technicolor Dream Cathedral

By Andrew Tarantola on at

Clark Griswold? Amateur. This is how you put on a light show—the 2012 Light Festival at Ghent, Belgium. And this 28 meter tall cathedral, the Luminarie Cagna, was its centrepiece.

The Luminarie Cagna is a structure specially-built for the Festival and packed with 55,000 LED bulbs. The festival itself ran from January 26 to January 29, 2012 and included a total of 30 exhibitions around a central theme of happiness and music.

According to the festival website,

"Belfortstraat (Belfort Street) was the domain of the Luminarie Cagna. A giant colonnade made of wood and hundreds of thousands of colored lights, with arches that remind one of Romanesque and Renaissance architecture. The entrance area only measured 28 meters high. The audience walked into a fairy tale gallery, surrounded by light and color. Energy Wasted? On the contrary, this immense work of art with 55,000 LED lights consumes only 20Kwatt / h of electricity."

Check out a video of the festival by Lieven Vanoverbeke below:

Here's an awesome view of the interior, click it to embiggen.
Ghent Light Festival Creates a Technicolor Dream Cathedral

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