Google's Activating a Colossal 850,000 New Android Devices a Day

By Sam Gibbs on at

Over 800 different Android devices have launched to date and there are over 300 million of them in the hands of gadget lovers across the globe right now. Google’s adding a staggering 850,000 devices a day too, and there's no signs of sales letting up. It's app store isn't doing too badly either with some 450,000 apps in its mobile ecosystem and over one billion of the blighters downloaded each month.

With these kinds of stats there’s no mistaking it -- Android is certainly blazing along with the sheer number of devices out there in the modern smartphone wars. Google’s so pleased it’s even bolted on some fancy ‘app pods’ onto its Android stand at MWC, and has over 100 devices trundling through on its conveyor belt bar.

If the last day few days Android announcements have been anything to go by, 2012 certainly looks to be the year of Android -- at least on the awesome hardware front. Maybe with Ice Cream Sandwich on quad-core hardware Android has finally come of age as a slick, deliciously tasty experience. [Google]