Google's Cloud Drive Rears Its Ugly, Endlessly Rumoured Head Again

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google’s been rumoured to have some sort of GDrive in the works for literally years, and like a bad smell that just won’t blow away, it’s back with a vengeance. This time it’ll be a Dropbox competitor; will be free to most users and businesses, and we could see it in a matter of weeks.

Sources talking to the Wall Street Journal called it simply "Drive", and said you’ll be able to store photos, videos and documents on Google’s servers ready for any internet connected device.

It sounds like it’ll come packing some amount of free storage with an option to buy more if you need more, just like Dropbox. Of course, this’ll also put Google into competition with Apple’s iCloud too, which pretty much does the same thing. It’ll be a massive boost to Android if it’s integrated well.

You can already store documents and other files on Google’s dime with Google Docs – let’s just hope they implement something a bit more useful than just a crappy web-based upload form though.

I’d love a bit more free storage, but I’ll believe it when I see it with my own sceptical eyes. [Wall Street Journal]