Google's New Privacy Policy "Fails to Meet" EU Data Protection Rules

By Gary Cutlack on at

You must've been bombarded by emails and messages regarding Google's new privacy policy, which wraps up all its previous disclaimers into one supposedly simpler collection of guidelines. Problem is, it may not comply with EU data protection laws.

Google's idea is to make its privacy policies simpler by introducing one that's clearer to understand and covers all of its products, also allowing it to share your YouTube viewing data with its ad network with all sorts of money-making consequences, but French regulator CNIL is worried this new policy "fails to meet the requirements of the European Data Protection Directive."

The CNIL says it's also "deeply concerned about the combination of data across services" and is asking Google to delay implementing its new one-size-fits-all agreement while further investigations are carried out into the way Google plans cross-pollinate our data across its networks. [CNIL via BBC]

Image credit: EU from Shutterstock