Hank Hazard on iPhone: Death Defying Stunts by a Fearless Furball

By Bulent Yusuf on at

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. Case in point is Hank Hazard, a bucktoothed hamster with dreams of becoming a daredevil stuntman like Evel Knievel. Can you help him make those dreams come true?

Encased in a clear plastic sphere, Hank must perform a series of complicated stunts that involve bombs, firepits, electricity, and other dangers. Players don't have any control over Hank directly, but they can manipulate the props on the screen to help complete the stunt. It's a bit like an elaborate game of pinball, except the steel ball is replaced by a fearless furball.

The level design is consistently clever, with a difficulty incline set at just the right angle so it's not too hard, but not too easy. After working through "The Early Years", the stunts become more and more elaborate, and completing them is as much about timing and speed as it about puzzle-solving.

Success is measured in terms of collecting three stars scattered around each level, along with bonus "nuts" for hitting a particular benchmark, and another secret star that unlocks extra levels. Hank Hazard isn't the most original physics puzzler ever devised, but it squeaks by on the balls-out bombastic panache of its lead character.


Hank Hazard is available now on App Store (69p)