Heston Blumenthal To Cook First Ever £210,000 Test-Tube Burger In October

By Sam Gibbs on at

Scientists have been trying to grow meat for a while now – it could be the answer to our food needs for the next 100 years. Now a lab-grown burger patty is almost ready for tasting, and guess who’s in line to cook it. Yep, Heston Blumenthal, the mad-scientist-like chef from the goggle box.

With a price tag of just under £210,000 it’s not like this is going to hit your local McDonald’s anytime soon, but it’ll be a massive step forward for test-tube meat. The burger patty is being grown by a Dutch stem-cell boffin from the University of Maastricht, Dr Mark Post, and will be ready for Heston to hopefully not-burn in October this year.

I love my meat, and although I’m a tad sceptical that meat grown in a lab will taste the same as it does from an animal, I’m all for reducing the burden on our planet, animals and food resources. Hell, it might even be OK with vegetarians and animal rights complainers, though resident Giz vegetarian boss-lady Kat turned her nose up when I asked her if she'd take a bite. Would you nibble some test-tube burger? [UKPA]

Image credit: Scientist from Shutterstock