How to Hack Your Facebook Profile Photo with Timeline

By Casey Chan on at

We love Timeline for Facebook. Maybe you don't. Doesn't really matter since Facebook is forcing everyone to switch. So what to do? We say have some fun with it! Since Timeline adds a big, splashy picture to your profile page, you can easily hack that big picture with your original profile picture to give your Facebook page some character (and make all your friends Like you). Here's how.

Nico, a clever little Facebook tweaker, cooked up a super easy photoshop template to get you started on your very own personal cover picture. According to Nico, the dimensions of the Timeline image is 851x314 pixels and the profile image is 180x180 (though reduced to 125x125). Basically, you download the template here and then follow the instructions:

• After the download unzip the file and open fb_timeline_template.psd
• In the layers folder "personalization" do your personalisation
• Then hide the layer "overlay" and create two separate pictures (use the guides or the layers "avatar" and "header" for the sizes of the pictures)
• Upload them and choose it as avatar and title picture.

With any luck, you can cook up a neat Timeline profile page that'll put all the blurry, off center ones to shame. Check out the following Facebook pages for inspiration and show us your creations in the comments. [Ausgetrock via Geekosystem, Image Credit: Ekkapong]