Idiot Thief Exploded Himself by Peeing on a Power Transformer

By Kyle Wagner on at

Michael Harper is an idiot. The 36-year-old Leicestershire-man was in the middle of robbing a power sub-station when he decided, hey, why not urinate on the power transformer. The transformer exploded, Harper caught on fire, and 2,000 people lost power. Dunce.

Harper and an accomplice were stealing copper wire (naturally) from the station. To keep from being electrocuted, they had insulated the wires with oil. Which, of course, catches on fire when a moron pees on a transformer and sends sparks flying around.

Harper was "permanently disfigured" by the explosion and sentenced to a year in jail, where, with any luck, he'll pee on the electrified fence in the yard. [Leicester Mercury via via Fark]