If Blackberry Playbook OS2 Drops Next Week and No One's Around to Update, Will It Make a Sound?

By Andrew Tarantola on at

RIM's Playbook tablet hasn't exactly been a blockbuster success (or even much of a "success") since its initial launch last year—due in part to a clunky UI and lack of basic features. However, according to a report by 4NBB, the vastly improved Playbook OS 2 could start rolling out next week.

The new operating system will reportedly include native email, calendar and contacts programs as well as the ability to run ported Android apps. They'll be available through the RIM app portal. BBM, however, will likely not be a native option with OS 2 but can still be accessed through Bridge. The update is expected to be released February 21st if 4NBB's sources are accurate. [4NBB via Electronista]