Is a New Apple TV Imminent as PC World Runs Out of Stock?

By Sam Gibbs on at

It’s well known that when Apple comes up to refreshing or replacing a product stock runs dry of the current model. Now it seems PC World is totally out of Apple TVs and won’t be getting any more any time soon. If that doesn’t scream “new Apple TV” I’m not sure what does.

Apple’s hobby hasn’t done all that well in the UK, let’s be honest. But a “reliable source” told The Verge that DSGi’s PC World is flat out of Apple TVs and has stopped taking new orders.

Other UK and US retailers are similarly out of stock, including Comet and Richer Sounds, so my money is on a new Apple TV, maybe even an Apple HDTV, being just around the corner. Let’s just hope it comes equipped with a few more features for us Brits than just Netflix, YouTube and iTunes. [The Verge]