Is a New Apple TV or HDTV Coming Next Month Too?

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently stocks of Apple’s “hobby” the Apple TV are drying up indicating that a new model might be on its way soon, maybe even next month.

Following on from hints of a new Apple TV wormed out of the latest iOS 5.1 beta firmware, the shortages strongly point to a model refresh in the coming weeks. Could this be the fabled Apple HDTV? It could be, but it’s a bit soon to be seeing something of that magnitude I reckon. That doesn’t mean we won’t see an A5-packing 1080p-capable box ship out though; we might even get a first taste of Apple’s new A6 if we’re really lucky.

Honestly, the Apple TV has been a bit of a damp squib in the UK; only streaming from Apple’s rather expensive iTunes library, plus a bit of YouTube here and there. Recently it gained Netflix streaming, which kind of made it worth the best part of a ton, maybe. Let’s hope if Cupertino bothers to upgrade its mini-streamer, a boost in hardware is accompanied by some upgraded services too -- maybe even the ability to run iOS apps -- otherwise it’ll end up just being a yet another pricey Apple-branded doorstop. [9to5Mac]