Is Apple Working On a New 8-Inch iPad Too?

By Sam Gibbs on at

The Wall Street Journal has been all over rumours of the next iteration of the iPad like a rash as of late. Yet more anonymous sources have told it that Apple’s apparently testing out a smaller, eight-inch version of the iPad, which could supplement its bigger 9.7-inch brother.

Apple is apparently working with AU Optronics and LG Display to test the smaller 8-inch panels, which are meant to pack a similar 1024x768 resolution to the current 9.7-inch display in the iPad 2.

Apple’s pretty well known for producing prototypes and testing all manner of fake products, so this could just be Cupertino throwing people off the scent. But it could also be Apple’s attempt to go after the cheaper end of the tablet market with a smaller, slightly lower cost option. Then again, when has Apple ever gone after the cheaper end? Why would they start now? [Wall Street Journal]