Is This the Asus Transformer Prime 2?

By Sam Gibbs on at

According to Chinese tipsters, these are the first leaked images of the successor to the Asus Transformer Prime, the TF300T. And it looks like Asus has learnt from its metal-backed GPS signal issues and has gone with plastic instead.

There’s not a lot more to go on other than the images. Android Community speculates that this might actually be a replacement to the Asus Eee Pad Transformer that’ll sit under the Prime in its tablet range. It does seem a bit soon to push out a replacement for the Transformer Prime, especially as this tablet looks pretty finished to me. A plastic back could also indicate some new radios in there, perhaps a 4G radio.

Then again it could be a fake, or a pre-production unit. Still, with MWC just round the corner we might find out sooner rather than later. Can’t say I’m particularly loving the red rust-looking colour though – it’s black or silver all the way for me, so let’s hope there are colour options. [cool3c via blogee via Android Community]