Is Your Security Cam Broadcasting to the Entire World?

By Sam Gibbs on at

You installed that internet-accessible security cam so you could keep an eye on your place while you’re out, but it seems everyone else can too. Trendnet’s got a serious flaw in its software that lets any old Tom, Dick or Harry spy on you over the net.

The security cam company was apparently made aware of the issue in January, but still hadn’t addressed it until now. All you needed to do was plug in the camera’s IP address and a set 15 character sequence into you browser -- Bob’s-your-uncle you had an unwitting contestant in a homebrew Big Brother to watch.

A list of available camera IP addresses was put up within days, with some cameras installed in kids bedrooms and the alike; a serious privacy invasion that has parents understandably irate.

Trendnet’s currently rolling out new firmware to deal with the 26 exposing models, but in the mean time it might be best just to disconnect the thing. You never know who might be watching as you walk about in the presumed privacy of your own home butt naked. [BBC]

Image credit: Camera from Shutterstock