Shake Up at the Top: Kazuo Hirai Claims Sony's CEO Seat From Sir Howard Stringer

By Sam Gibbs on at

In a statement released by Sony, it’s announced that the long time Sony gaming boss, Kazuo Hirai, has stepped up as Sony’s new CEO with the Welshman Sir Howard Stringer stepping down.

Stringer will become chairman of the board in June, but Hirai will take over as CEO from today. Sony claims this is part of its scheduled succession plan. Stringer took charge of Sony in 2005, and this latest change is part of the company’s continuing efforts to get back into profitability.

Let’s hope Sir Howard’s three-year turn around plan succeeds with Hirai in the driving seat. Lord knows it’s got a lot to do to get back to the Sony of yesteryear. [Sony via The Telegraph]

Image credit: Wikipedia