Kodak Cameras Are Officially an Endangered Species

By Sam Gibbs on at

Kodak’s announced that it’s no longer going to make cameras, video cams or digital picture frames to, erm, save costs. That just leaves printers then. You know, that thing that’s collecting dust in the corner that everyone still loves and uses all the time.

It’s quite sad really. I could see it coming after it went into administration for sure. But to see Kodak officially pull out of the camera game, which it practically invented, is the end of an era.

Kodak will honour warranties and support for its current range of cameras, but they’ll be no more going forward; “a logical extension” of the narrowing of its camera range to improve margins.

Bye, bye Kodak. We knew you well; loved some of your products, and will be sad to see you go, even though we haven’t bought a Kodak camera in the last 10 years. [Reuters]

Image credit: alf sigaro from flickr