Lady Gaga's Dress Designer Makes One Out of HDMI Cables

By Sam Gibbs on at

Everyone knows PC World and Currys love their HDMI cables, almost as much as their extended warranties. Now they’ve gone one stage further and made a bunch into something you can actually wear.

Of course this is just a massive PR stunt to draw attention to their range of “unsung heroes” (that’s an HDMI cable to you and I). But they’ve teamed up with Craig Lawrence, he of Lady Gaga dress fame, who’s knitted the dress out of 500-metres of cable. He’s even finished it with a necklace made from the heads of 26 gold-plated HDMI connectors – your girlfriend would love it I’m sure.

HDMI-lovers can see the dress touring PC World stores across the country starting in London, and visiting Birmingham, Manchester and Bristol. It’ll also be shown off at the Gadget Show live in April.

I’m no geek-chic fashionista, but I can’t help thinking it would have been a whole lot more attractive if it had been made of naked optical cables rather than the drab grey of HDMI; maybe it’d be just a tad too revealing though.