Latest BlackBerry Leak Shows BB10 Widgets and Integrated Video Chat

By Gary Cutlack on at

The previously leaked BlackBerry 10, RIM's all-new phone and OS combo, has once more been exposed, with new images giving us a proper, hands-on look at how RIM's possible future BB will work.

The new pictures come from what appears to be an internal RIM briefing document, in which it outlines the future development of the BB OS. One key visual element looks like being a RIM version of the Android and Windows Phone's live desktop apps, with some sort of interactive widget element clearly visible.

The icon tray is also new, plus there's evidence of the Universal Inbox feature which we've already seen a glimpse of in the forthcoming PlayBook OS2 update, and there's even a "video chat" option to, well, you know. [CrackBerry]