Leaked Press Shot Shows HTC's One X Quad-Core Monster Is Right Around the Corner

By Sam Gibbs on at

HTC’s reportedly got a trio of new phones on the way for MWC next week named the “One” series. A press shot of the biggest of them all, the 4.7-inch 720p HD-screened beast, the One X, has slipped out and you can tell it’s an HTC.

It’s a decent looking phone, which undoubtedly has its parents’ genes, and seems to follow the trend for massive-screened quad-core phones. This one’s packing Nvidia's new 4-PLUS-1Tegra 3 chip in a sub-9mm frame. It’ll also come equipped with an eight-megapixel snapper and LTE, although we’ll probably get a non-LTE variant here in Blighty. A proper press shot, complete with Barcelona on the weather widget, tells us this thing is certainly close to retail. Look out for release dates and the full skinny at MWC next week along with the rest of the HTC One family. [PocketNow]