Learning About E. Coli Bacteria Mutations Can Be Fun!

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Science Museum has launched a series of little internet Flash games, designed to make today's lethargic youth a little more interested in the boring world of science and the possible future of our technology.

The Futurecade project consists of four mini games, which as well as being fun to play, might hopefully encourage the discussion of the issues raised within schools. Bacto-Lab has you trying to create useful bacteria without accidentally unleashing a mutant virus that could possibly ruin the world, while Space Junker teaches kids about the perils of discarded satellites.

The games were developed by indie studio Preloaded. The company's creative director, Phil Stuart, said: "Balancing fun, jeopardy, score systems, and controls is a challenge in itself. Add the hard 'n' fast educational objectives – the unchangeable rules in your game system – and it can get very tricky." [Futurecade via Games Blog]