Legally-Dubious Retro "Apple" iPhone Cases Will Be Sued into Oblivion

By Sam Biddle on at

If you're looking for a way to protect your iPhone and also stick a giant, MIA-sized middle finger into almost every possible realm of intellectual property law, these cases, "resembling" classic Apple computers, are for you. Cease and decisitalicious.

I do kind of admire the extent to which Schreer Delights does not give a shit about anything. You can't even call these cases Apple-themed—they're just straight up designed to resemble Apple products, including names like "iMac," Apple's logo, and, of course, the designs of the original products. With flagrant disregard for trademark, copyright, and trade dress law, these probably won't exist for very long. So if you want one, act quickly. Or, if you're an IP attorney, call up Apple for some quick cash. [Schreer Delights via Technabob]