Lego Lord of the Rings Sets First Look: They Are Awesome!

By Jesus Diaz on at

Rejoice fellows of the Lego ring, because we got the first look of the Lego Lord of the Rings sets coming out this year. And they are amazing, from the Mines of Moria—cave troll included!—to Helm's Deep to Shelob!

(Yes, that was a Lego LOTR nerd squeaky scream). Look at the Hobbit mini-minifigs fighting Shelob! (that's another one). You can see the Mines of Moria on the back, with the cave troll battling the Fellowship! (yes, yes). That seems to be the second biggest set, the biggest one being Helm's Deep.

The image was secretly taken by a fan from Slovenia in private area of the Lego booth at Nuremberg's Toy Fair. [Kocke Klub (Slovenian)——Thanks Scott!]