LG: Quad-Core and LTE Will Kill Your Battery, But We're Working On It

By Sam Gibbs on at

While it doesn’t make much difference to us poor 4G-less Britons, LG’s new quad-core flagship line is conspicuously missing any LTE models. Apparently the reason for that is battery drain – LG’s working hard to try and combine quad-core beasts with LTE that’ll actually last a day, but we’re unlikely to see it this year.

Talking to Tech Radar, LG’s Lee Seob basically explained that shoehorning both a power hungry quad-core chip, and the currently not exactly frugal LTE chipsets into a phone will absolutely murder battery life and that’s a serious drag.

With the latest and greatest smartphones from 2011, we’ve become used to a smartphone that at least lasts out the day – hell, most will do almost two days if you’re frugal with your usage. Even if your phone is absolutely blazing on both the processor and network front, it’s no good to you if it lasts just 5 hours or so now is it?

Hopefully, by the time we get LTE rolling out here in Blighty, manufacturers and chipset makers will have cracked the battery drain. I don’t want to have to carry around a battery backup just because I want an awesome 100Mbps connection and the power to see Ice Cream Sandwich as slick as it deserves to be. [TechRadar]