LG's Future Phones Will Be Design-Led, Starting With the Optimus L3

By Kat Hannaford on at

Ahead of the year's biggest phone-and-tablet show, MWC in Barcelona, LG has lifted the lid on its new aim -- to be the hottest damn thing shaking its leg on the corner of the mobile market. They're calling their new "design identity" L-Style, and three phones will look the part -- the Optimus L3, which will launch in March with a 3.2-inch screen; the Optimus L5, and then the 4.3-inch Optimus L7 phone, both of which will launch sometime before June.

It sounds as though the Optimus L3 won't be running Ice Cream Sandwich from the get-go however, as they specifically only list the L5 as running Android 4.0. Hmm. Is that really acceptable in this day and age, LG?

So just what will these phones look like? Well, you can bet your bottom dollar they'll follow in the footsteps of phones such as the Chocolate, Shine and recently-unveiled Prada phone (pictured above). LG's touting various marketing buzzwords such as "Modern Square Style," which will give the phones a "comfortable grip," the "floating mass technology," which will see them all svelte and skinny; "Seamless Layout" for a redesigned button-arrangement; "Harmonised Design Contrast" (which basically means they'll slap a few metallic edgings on it," and last but by no means least in the design stakes, a "Sensuous Slim Shape" which -- no joke -- "naturally draws one's attention," just in case the other jargon above didn't do it for ya.

I think I need a lie-down after all that.

Anyway, with MWC starting this Sunday, we should be finding out some more about these phones soon. Catch up on all the MWC rumours over here.