LG's Trying to Boot Out Samsung as Google's Next Nexus Builder

By Sam Gibbs on at

Reports are in that LG wants to bump Samsung out of Google’s pocket and take on the next holy grail of Android phones, the Nexus line. An Optimus Nexus could be pretty sweet if recent MWC announcements are anything to go by, and it'll give LG a massive boost in the Android arms race.

Talking to Cnet, the head of LG's smartphone division, Ramchan Woo, said, "We're heavily in discussions. We're working on it."

Gaining Google’s nod not only means you get to manufacture a Google branded device, but you also get access to Google’s latest iterations of Android before anyone else, which would give LG a bit of a leg-up over its Korean rival Samsung.

Looking at LG’s latest Optimus 4X HD, if a new LG-powered Nexus packing Jelly Bean comes with that much power and speed it could promise something rather special – as long as LG doesn’t try and shoehorn 3D in there somewhere that is. [Cnet]