London Police Accidentally Create 1,000 Email Address Victim Ring

By Gary Cutlack on at

It's the classic CC/BCC error. The Met Police wanted to send out an innocent survey to recent victims of crime, only the big list of email addresses was pasted into the wrong box so everyone saw everyone else's email address. Outrage naturally followed.

They meant well, though. A spokesman for the Met said: "The sharing of the data was the result of human error and occurred on Monday 30 January when the Crime Recording and Investigation Bureau (CRIB) project was emailing out a survey to ensure that victims were receiving a better service as part of the MPS creation of a single telephone investigation unit for London."

15 people complained about it. Everyone affected is being contacted personally, by a poor policeman who's being made to apologise en masse. [ZDNet]

Image credit: London Police from Shutterstock