Lucky Euro HTC Owners Will Get a Taste of Android 4.0 Early

By Sam Gibbs on at

We know HTC’s working on its Ice Cream Sandwich updates, but it seems a select group of European HTC owners will get the chance to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich a tad early. HTC wants to do a bit of in-the-field testing, and it wants Sensation and Sensation XE owners to be its guinea pigs.

Talking to TechRadar, HTC said the reason for the small-scale roll out was because they don’t have the resources ready just yet for a full range update, but also because they want their users to have some Sense-related fun.

"Our hope is people will play with it and enjoy getting used to the ICS experience with Sense. We'll be doing similar previews for other devices in the future, too."

The preview will be starting in the coming days, so Sensation users should keep their eyes peeled for sign-ups. I like the sound of a company that wants users to just have a little bit of fun, and every geek loves a good early bleeding edge update. Let’s hope HTC keeps it up and pumps out ICS updates for the rest of its line soon. [TechRadar]