Macca Pulls Streaming Support... Before Streamed iTunes Concert

By Gary Cutlack on at

The living legend that is Sir Paul McCartney has removed his catalogue of solo work from streaming services in the US, coincidentally just before performing an exclusive set that'll be streamed through iTunes later today.

The order to pull the music from the internet streams, leaked to Digital Music News, requests that solo music from McCartney and tracks from that amazing band he was in before going solo (Wings) be removed from "all streaming services" across the board.

The thirty years of hits and misses are still available for direct download purchase, though, if you've still got gaps in your historical back catalogue that need filling. And his live iTunes performance is kicking off at about 2.00am UK time [iTunes link], if you're a Macca fan and still able to stay awake that late. [TUAW via DMN]