Making a DIY Airsoft Flamethrower Is the Most Fun You Can Have with a Backpack and PVC Pipes

By Casey Chan on at

DIY pellet gun enthusiast and YouTuber Nighthawkinlight is back at it again. This time, he's teaching you how to upgrade that £10 rapid-fire pellet gun with a backpack mounted air supply system. Basically, he's teaching you how to shoot a DIY airsoft gun, flamethrower style.

Moving the power of the air compressor into a backpack makes the guns a blazin' shooting fun a helluva lot more portable and a helluva lot more useful (in the sense that shooting things are useful). All it takes is PVC pipes, valves, caps and a good amount of pressures. It's a walking minigun. I can't think of any DIY project that sounds more fun than that. [YouTube via Geekosystem]