Marginally More Extreme Xperia Active Billabong Edition

By Gary Cutlack on at

Sony Ericsson has just announced a new limited edition version of its Xperia Active, covering it in the branding of rough & tumble clothing firm Billabong.

The water-resistant Android phone was already pretty tough, coming with IP67 strength certification and supplied with an armband in the box, so you could attach it to yourself while doing sports that involve occasionally going upside down.

The key tech feature that's enabled this new cross-brand promotional exercise is the Xperia Active's suggestive "wet finger tracking" technology, which lets users check their Twitter and do other stuff even while the phone and your hands are dripping with salty fluids.

You also get a range of extra marketing materials stuffed on the phone's memory card to delete as soon as it arrives, with Sony and Billabong pre-loading Billabong screensavers, videos, a Billabong LIVE app and a game going by the name Billabong Surf Trip. [Sony Ericsson]