Microsoft Unleashes Its Windows 8 Consumer Preview For Your Downloading Pleasure

By Sam Gibbs on at

Want to try out a taste of Windows 8? Now you can, and it’s feature complete too. As promised, Microsoft’s unveiled the consumer preview of its latest and greatest operating system at MWC. It's made some 100,000 changes to the previously released pre-beta developer preview and has bundles in everything you’re likely to see in the final product.

The consumer preview is a more stable, closer to the real thing release, which is essentially an open beta – following in the footsteps of Microsoft’s beta releases of Windows 7 and Office.

You’ll get to play around with an early version of the Windows Store – only free apps will be available at the moment, but it’ll give you a taste of what’s to come from “Metro Style”.

While Windows 8 will work great on any x86 tablets you happen to have laying around, it should would just fine on your desktop too. So if you’re interested in what all the hubbub is about, why we think Microsoft is currently out-doing Apple on the interface front, then hop on over to the Windows 8 consumer preview download site and get installing -- check out our how to guide if you need a hand.