Mini Next and Mobile 12 Remind Us Opera's Still Here

By Sam Gibbs on at

Opera on the desktop is championed by the passionate few, but its mobile browsers have enabled smartphones and dumbphones alike to browse the web fast and light for years. Now Opera’s got a new Mini preview to show off and a final release of Opera Mobile 12 for Android – who needs Chrome?

Opera Mini Next bundles in a load of social networking for feature phone users, while Android Mini users might actually be able to browse something meaningful over GPRS or EDGE using hardware acceleration and Opera’s data frugal server-side crunching technology.

Opera Mobile 12 on the other hand packs everything a modern mobile browser should, just in case you’re not a fan of Chrome. WebGL, a new HTML5 engine and Speed Dials might make it worth checking out if you’re on Android; it is free, so what have you got to lose? [Opera via Android Central]