Motorola Bites: Apple's Forced to Cut Germany Off of Push iCloud and MobileMe Email

By Sam Gibbs on at

Looks like the patent war between Motorola and Apple is actually resulting in something that affects customers – Apple’s had to pull the plug on push email for both iCloud and the old MobileMe for the whole of Germany.

Our European neighbours are probably pretty pissed right now; I certainly would be if my email stopped being pushed to me all of a sudden. Motorola’s managed to convince a court that elements of Apple’s push cloud service infringe on its patents, forcing an immediate shut down.

While push will still work for contacts and calendar sync, Apple suggests switching to timed collection for email and insists that it’ll be fighting this ruling. Considering so much of the upcoming OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion relies on iCloud, this battle could have massive repercussions for Apple in other countries, including the UK, if it doesn’t win out or come to some sort of arrangement with Motorola soon. [AppleInsider]