Motorola's First Android 4.0 Phone, Powered by Intel [doo-doo-do-doo]

By Gary Cutlack on at

This rendered image is believed to be a future Motorola model, running a version of Android 4.0 and conforming to Google's future vision of a world where buttons appear through the magic of software only.

According to Pocketnow, the unnamed phone is also powered by Intel's Medfield range of portable systems-on-chips, and as you can see from the image it appears Motorola's having yet another go at redesigning its Motoblur user interface. Maybe people will like it if the widgets are round?

The hardware perhaps looks a little plasticky and bland compared with the excellent Motorola RAZR, but who knows how shiny and desirable it may look out in the real world. Hopefully we'll see more of this at Mobile World Congress, which kicks off in a couple of weeks. [Pocketnow]