NEC Says Anything Sony Can Do, It Can Do Better With a New Folding Android Phone

By Sam Gibbs on at

MWC is right around the corner, but that hasn’t stopped NEC spilling its guts and showing off a trio of new Android 4.0-packing phones in Japan today, including a fancy-looking clamshell tablet-come-phone to rival the Sony Tablet P.

The clamshell folds the opposite way to the Tablet P, so you can fold it back and just use it like a regular phone, or fold it out for more real estate – how you’re going to protect that thing I have no idea. The screens on both sides better be packing Gorilla Glass 2 or I can see a lot of these shattering in pockets. It’ll apparently have a decent sized battery to keep both power-hungry screens running, so hopefully it’ll last more than a couple of hours -- we'll find out come MWC.

NEC’s also got two other phones to show off. An almost all-screen one, and one which is waterproof with some sort of "special jacket" and a quick-on camera. Given that a couple of other traditionally Asia-only manufacturers are launching their smartphone assault on Europe, we could see these end up in the UK. The only names we have are the ones you see above in the photo, but we’ll be sure to get more at MWC. All three devices pack LTE, which could be great timing if Everything Everywhere really does come through with 4G this year. [GetNews via The Verge]