Netflix Shows It's On the Right Path With Yet Another Another Original TV Show Signed-Up

By Sam Gibbs on at

I’m starting to like what I’m seeing from Netflix. I’ve wanted to cut all traditional pay-TV subscriptions and go “over-the-top” only for ages, and if Netflix keeps on signing up original content like this I might be able to soon. It’s managed to secure another new TV show, this time from the creator of Weeds.

It’s a new comedy with an initial order of 13 episodes. It’s called Orange is the New Black and will follow the sordid tale of a “communications executive” hooked on drugs.

Lilyhammer was made available last week in the US and Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards is also on the way along with new Arrested Development. Unfortunately there’s been nary a whiff of when we’ll see them streaming to our shores – let’s hope they do actually make them available here and it’s not another case of screw Britain. [Bloomberg]