New British Booze Tricorder Can Tell You That Vodka's Not Really Smirnoff

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apparently the UK is battling with counterfeit booze at the moment. I can’t say I’ve noticed any knock-off Gordon’s floating around, apart from the so-close-it’s–almost-copyright-infringement own brands from the supermarkets that is. Still, boffins from the University of Leicester have come up with a hand-held booze scanner that’ll detect the dodgy stuff without even having to open the bottle.

The tricorder-like scanner shines a beam of light into the suspect hooch to detect its optical signature, which can then be compared with a database of known brands. If there’s no match the machine lets you know it’s fake.

It’s currently only been trailed on whiskey, but should work on all booze. The strange thing is that this has come out of the Space Research Centre of Leicester Uni – you’ve got to wonder what they get up to in space if that’s what they’re working on. Would bring new meaning to moonshine that’s for sure. [The Drinks Business]

Image credit: Alcohol from Shutterstock