New UK Street Advert Uses a Camera To Discriminate Against Men (Updated)

By Sam Gibbs on at

A fancy new interactive advert built into a bus shelter on London’s Oxford Street only plays its 40-second reel to women. The display uses a built-in camera to analyse the facial features of passersby with a 90 per cent accuracy, spitting out a Plan UK advert only to the fairer sex.

It’s available for two weeks from tomorrow at a cost of £30,000, and plays a film following three 13-year-old girls, one each from the UK, Thailand and Mali. The charity, Plan UK, is hoping to raise some £250,000 by appealing to just women, highlighting their plight.

The ad measures the distance between the eyes; width of the nose; length of the jaw line, and the shape of the cheekbone to detect gender. It’s not quite a Minority Report retina-triggered system just yet, but this could be the future of street advertising and it’s pretty cool – just imagine an advert that changes depending on whether a bloke or a girl is standing in front of it. We know sex sells, now advertisers can gender-bias their models in real-time. [Plan UK via BBC]

Update: Here's the full three-minute advert for any men who fancy a gander and can't set off the display with their boyish good looks.