Nooka: The Not-So-Intuitive, But-Still-Cool-Looking Clock

By Roberto Baldwin on at

Clocks that tell time in fascinating new ways are everywhere. I saw a clock that lit up the quarter hour the other day. It was beautiful. The Nooka app based upon their watches falls into the beautiful timepiece category. It won't replace your regular clock, but it will make checking the time a more invigorating experience.


What's it do?

The Nooka app tells time using four different face designs. The hour is designated by colored shapes while the minutes and seconds are lines of lit-up rectangles along the bottom of a face. The app includes a timer, alarm, and world clock. All of which uses the same design to signify time.


Why do we like it?

It's pretty. That's really it. Your eye has to hit two spots in order to tell time. That's actually less intuitive than the clocks we're accustomed too. The color scheme of the clocks is user controlled. Switching out colors is easy and lets you feel like a designer. Show the clock to your friends to illustrate how progressive you are when telling time. Being smug about your timepiece is the new black.


Nooka's iPhone app costs 69p